A predictive State? Sri Lankan context of predictive policing

November 28, 2023

Sri Lanka's police force, the Sri Lanka Police (SLP), has been slow to embrace digital transformation despite efforts in other government sectors. The SLP primarily uses digital solutions for limited purposes like email communication and basic data entry. However, recognizing the importance of data analytics in modern policing, there have been steps taken in this direction.

Predictive policing, which utilizes data analysis to optimize resource allocation and prevent crimes, is gaining traction globally. While Sri Lanka has some foundational elements in place, such as the digital Criminal Records Division (CRD) and advanced surveillance technologies like CCTV systems and drones, the missing piece is facial recognition technology.

The potential implementation plan involves strengthening the CRD's data analytics unit, upgrading CCTV systems with facial recognition capabilities, and leveraging the eNIC project for demographic data. However, predictive policing also raises concerns related to privacy and misuse, which require legal provisions and oversight.

In conclusion, embracing predictive policing could enhance the SLP's efficiency and transform it into a more agile and effective law enforcement agency, provided that privacy and ethical concerns are appropriately addressed.

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