Cyber Security Bill of SL

November 29, 2023

Salient features of the proposed #CyberSecurity bill;

  • The Bill will establish ‘Cyber Security Regulatory Authority of Sri Lanka’ (CSRASL) replacing SLCERT
  • Separate legislation will be passed for ‘Defence Command for cyber security in relation to the national security’ (separation of civilian and military cyber security responsibilities)
  • CSRASL may identify any computer, computer program, computer system or any related device (located wholly or partly in Sri Lanka), as a Critical National Information Infrastructure (CNNI). There are governance responsibilities for the CNNI owner (State and Private Sector)
  • CSRASL will impose fines on CNNI upto from 1 million LKR and will double for repeat offenders.

The bill provides for accreditation for cybersecurity services providers.

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