More hum and haw on Data Protection Act

November 29, 2023

Technology Consultant Asela Waidyalankara expressed concerns about Sri Lanka's lack of clear regulations for managing digital data of individuals. He highlighted that people's data has been exploited, citing instances like unsolicited propaganda during elections. Waidyalankara mentioned that the Data Protection Act is in progress but may take a while to come into effect due to the need for organizations to adapt their processes. Additionally, the Cybersecurity Bill is also being finalized and is expected to be presented to the cabinet soon.

The Cybersecurity Bill will address online security and be introduced under the National Cyber Security Strategy. It aims to combat various cybercrimes such as credit card fraud, hacking, and cyber-terrorism. Sri Lanka has improved its cybersecurity ranking, currently standing at 69th, thanks to organizations like the Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team (SLCERT) and ICTA actively monitoring and safeguarding the digital platform.

With both the Data Protection Act and Cybersecurity Act in progress, Sri Lanka aims to become a safer and more secure digital environment in the future.

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