Report called over cyberattack on Sri Lankan government sites

November 28, 2023

This report will cover the following critical aspects:

Impacted Emails: It will provide a detailed account of all email accounts affected by the cyberattack, revealing the scope of the breach and its implications for government communication.

Government Data Loss: An assessment of the data loss suffered by government agencies due to the attack, with a focus on understanding its potential impact on national security and public services.

Value of Data Loss: The report will estimate the financial value associated with the data loss, including costs for data recovery, cybersecurity improvements, and the impact on government operations.

Preventative Measures: It will offer a comprehensive overview of actions taken to prevent future cyberattacks of a similar nature.

The Ministry emphasizes its commitment to securing the nation's digital landscape, ensuring that the IT industry can continue driving economic growth and innovation without the constant threat of cyberattacks as the investigation unfolds.

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