Techlash and tech policy trends in 2020

November 29, 2023

The "techlash," a strong backlash against major tech companies, is expected to lead to legal and regulatory changes in 2020. Access Partnership, a UK public policy consultancy, highlights 10 trends for tech leaders:

  • AI Regulation: Both the EU and the US are exploring AI regulations, including content control and tech export restrictions.
  • EU Digital Services Act: The EU aims to make digital companies more accountable, addressing issues like censorship and consumer rights.
  • EU Protectionism: Europe seeks to boost its tech industry by regulating "big tech" and enhancing control over personal data.
  • Data Sharing Regulation: Regulations on data sharing are gaining traction worldwide.
  • 5G Security: As 5G networks expand, security measures will intensify.
  • IoT Regulation: Governments are focusing on IoT device security with new regulations.
  • Software Supply Chain Security: Regulated industries may demand a software bill of materials (SBOM) for security tracking.
  • Spectrum Sharing: Regulators are exploring spectrum sharing to meet rising demand.
  • Greening of ICT: The ICT industry faces scrutiny for its environmental impact, pushing for a more eco-friendly sector.
  • US Privacy Law: The US Congress considers national privacy laws due to state-level privacy acts.

In Sri Lanka, cybersecurity and data protection laws are still evolving, and the National Digital Policy is set to be announced in 2020.

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