This event is a twitter space on cyber bullying. Mr Asela was one of the panel of experts in this Event.

This is a webinar that, Trainocate in partnership with Microsoft to provide an informative forum on potential cyber threats and how to tackle them using skills and proper security frameworks.

Mr. Asela Waidyalankara was one of the panel of experts in this webinar.

The following topics were discussed;

In this Event Mr Asela Waidyalankara Discussed the ‘Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)’ of Sri Lanka and its significance to the banking sector with Privacy Counsel Revan Weerasinghe and provided insights on organizational operationalization of PDPA provisions.

In this discussion, they discussed the national conversations surrounding ICT, and new-age technologies such as AI, which have captured the public’s imagination. Mr Waidyalankara emphasized national policy consistency and focused implementation which will lead to a #DigitalSriLanka.

In Mr. Asela discusses about smart nation bandwagon

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