November 29, 2023

In today's digital age, personal data holds immense value, becoming a commodity traded on the dark web by cybercriminals who offer cyberattacks as a service. Even seemingly trivial details like credit card information or social media profiles are highly sought after. As our lives increasingly move online, especially during events like elections, data security and the proliferation of misinformation on platforms like Facebook become critical concerns. These platforms possess vast amounts of personal data, enabling them to manipulate our preferences and biases, influencing our decision-making and the spread of false information. In the context of impending elections and the imperative for data protection, addressing the challenges posed by social media and misinformation is essential. Legislation such as the Cybersecurity Act and Data Protection Act is pivotal in countering evolving cyber threats and preserving data privacy. However, with a current legal void, the Election Commission should establish an online political campaign code of conduct. Additionally, government focus on technical infrastructure, resource allocation, and training is required to effectively combat cyber threats. The creation of new agencies, as proposed in Cybersecurity and data privacy bills, is crucial for proactive data protection and enforcement. To safeguard your data and privacy, practice cyber hygiene by regularly changing passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and exercising caution when adding unknown individuals on social media. Stay vigilant for scams, such as fake bank communications, and verify with the institution directly. Safely store sensitive data through various backups, including portable drives, cloud storage, and offline copies, to protect your online identity. In case of data breaches, contact local authorities and the CID Cyber Crimes Unit while notifying CERT for social media-related issues. Always remember the value of your data and treat it with care.

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