Ada Derana English; Cybersecurity Practices

November 29, 2023

Cybersecurity is vital for protecting all internet-connected devices and information. Youth's extensive online presence makes them more vulnerable, emphasizing the need for good password practices, device updates, and data backups. Caution is advised when using VPNs, as reputable ones are preferable due to potential data usage increases. The involvement of the hacker group Anonymous can pose severe risks, potentially compromising government assets and individuals' data.

Elon Musk's Twitter takeover and decisions have disrupted the platform's information ecosystem. Removing the blue checkmark verification system, a symbol of authenticity has confused and undermined trust in information sources. This especially impacts youth who rely on verified accounts for accurate information. While Musk aims for Twitter's profitability, his actions have eroded user and business confidence, leading to a shift toward alternative platforms. Balancing profitability with a reliable information ecosystem remains uncertain.

Password sharing, a common issue, particularly among youth, poses security risks. It's crucial to cease sharing passwords and instead use a reputable password manager to generate and manage complex passwords. Cybersecurity education is essential for promoting safe online practices, benefiting both youth and the elderly. Improving Cybersecurity in Sri Lanka is crucial, but it mustn't infringe on freedom of expression, emphasizing the need for independent oversight to strike a balance between security and personal rights.

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