Ada Derana & The Morning Investigates ; Safeguarding Our Kids From Online Predators

November 29, 2023

Sri Lanka faces a pressing challenge: the alarming rise of online child sexual abuse and exploitation. Despite having some legal framework in place, this problem persists, exacerbated by the pandemic's shift to online activities. The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) is taking steps to combat this, including setting up a cybercrime unit and international collaboration. Yet, parents also bear responsibility in monitoring their children's online activities. Unlike countries such as Japan and Singapore, Sri Lanka lacks specific legislation to address online violence against children. Grassroots police officers often lack the capacity for cybercrime investigations. Digital literacy among children has increased, making responsible internet use crucial. Globally, online child sexual exploitation is a thriving industry, particularly on the dark web. Parents must educate and monitor their children, as prevention is more effective than correction in combating these crimes. Sri Lanka must focus on preventive measures to address this critical issue.

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