Daily FT; Final; Technology Artificial Intelligence and cyber-threats implications for Governance, Democracy and Human Rights

November 29, 2023

As digital technology and artificial intelligence rapidly advance, education is transforming. Customized AI-driven education is emerging as a revolutionary approach, tailoring learning experiences to individual styles and abilities, and breaking down traditional educational barriers. However, this shift towards digital education also raises concerns about AI's role in decision-making within democratic processes and the imperative need for safeguards against potential misuse. Governments and the private sector are both key players in AI development, with governments using AI for transparent citizen engagement. Handling information ethically remains a significant challenge, demanding collective action to navigate the profound impact of AI. Despite limited influence as a small player, a shared sense of humanity is crucial in addressing these complexities. Vigilance, proactive solutions, and collaboration among stakeholders is essential for effectively managing Cybersecurity challenges in this evolving landscape.

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