IIT; S01E01 - Cybersecurity: The next Geo political Battleground

November 29, 2023

The escalating threat of cyberattacks, particularly on critical infrastructure, demands global and regional collaboration. The pandemic-induced shift to digital work has heightened Cybersecurity complexities. Varying Cybersecurity preparedness among nations underscores the necessity for international incident-handling standards. Recent events, such as the Colonial Pipeline breach, underscore the urgency of unified responses to cyber threats. Collaborative efforts, especially in regional contexts, are crucial for protecting critical infrastructure. Insider threats have gained prominence, necessitating a focus on detecting unusual user behavior and strengthening security policies. Supply chain security is imperative, and bridging knowledge gaps in sectors like finance is vital. The evolving cyber threat landscape, posed by both state and non-state actors, requires constant vigilance. These threats extend beyond governments to affect the private sector and critical infrastructure. Advanced technologies like autonomous drones raise questions about international norms in cyberspace, akin to the Geneva Convention. A global effort is needed to establish rules protecting civilian infrastructure, preserving election integrity, and ensuring cyberspace trust and security, similar to the Digital Geneva Convention and initiatives like the Paris Call. To confront these evolving threats, a digital Geneva Convention is essential, promoting global cooperation and standards. Organizations must adopt a risk-based approach and robust Cybersecurity measures, including password changes and a never-trust-always-verify principle. Emphasizing Cybersecurity education and diversity in the field is crucial. Cyber threats will persist, potentially influencing decisions and control, making it vital to stay vigilant, implement zero-trust principles, and adapt continuously to the changing landscape.

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