Lite87; The Hot Seat Business Edition

November 29, 2023

The discussion emphasizes the pressing need for improved Cybersecurity in Sri Lanka as the country grapples with its low ranking in the Global Cybersecurity Index and the growing digitization. It highlights the importance of early investment in Cybersecurity to safeguard critical data and infrastructure, along with the necessity of addressing issues like hate speech and misinformation on social media platforms while striking a balance between accountability and freedom of expression. Furthermore, the conversation delves into the global concern of Pegasus spyware, an advanced cyber eavesdropping tool. While there's no evidence of its use in Sri Lanka, various factors make it highly improbable, including the absence of Sri Lanka in an Amnesty International report on Pegasus targets, the stringent approval process by the Israeli Defense Ministry, and the considerable financial cost. Ultimately, the discussion underscores the importance of ongoing dialogues regarding security and privacy education in the country.

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