Newsline;  Cybersecurity Act essential for transparency

November 29, 2023

Sri Lanka is at a critical juncture in its Cybersecurity landscape. The proposed Cybersecurity Bill seeks to create a powerful agency responsible for shaping the nation's Cybersecurity policy. This agency comprises representatives from various sectors, with an emphasis on meritocracy and excellence in the field of Cybersecurity. However, concerns linger about the need for industry expertise and ensuring the security of tenure for policy consistency. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka has made significant strides in digital literacy, exceeding 50%, driven by telcos' efforts to expand broadband access. This digital boom has also witnessed a threefold rise in cybercrime since the COVID-19 lockdown. While ownership of telecom companies is a topic of discussion, the real focus should be on governance and controls. The key to a robust Cybersecurity framework lies in robust policies, governance, and adherence to global standards, positioning Sri Lanka to engage in meaningful global Cybersecurity conversations.

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