Newsline; The challenges of Cybersecurity in Sri Lanka

November 29, 2023

Sri Lanka's push for digitalization to combat corruption and improve efficiency faces challenges. While digital adoption has grown organically, government digitization lags due to a lack of policy focus. Recent cyberattacks, like ransomware incidents on government websites, expose vulnerabilities. To overcome these challenges, the country needs a strong digital forensics infrastructure and international collaboration to prosecute cyber criminals, build investor trust, and support its digital economy ambitions. Trust issues stem from past cyber incidents, but a successful public-private partnership model underscores the potential of digitization, emphasizing professional leadership. Recent data breaches, like the NMRA  data scam, highlight the need for technical safeguards, process improvements, and legal frameworks. New data privacy and Cybersecurity laws are positive steps, but a comprehensive strategy is essential for ongoing digital transformation. Success hinges on building trust, investing in technology, and continuous digital evolution.

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