Cybersecurity in Sri Lankan firms: Train Your Employees and Build a Culture of Cybersecurity

In today's digital world, cybersecurity is more than just a tech issue - it's a business imperative. With cyberattacks on the rise, it's no longer enough to have just a firewall and antivirus software. The weakest link in any security chain is often the human element, which is why cybersecurity awareness training for employees is crucial.

In the Sri Lankan cyber security context we find that there are lax protocols around data security and access which can lead to breaches easily. Given that the market is fairly small any cyber attack can result in high reputational and financial damages to any brand. It is therefore critical that companies take cybersecurity awareness training for staff seriously in all types of Sri Lankan firms and especially those accountable to numerous local and foreign stakeholders. 

Some alarming stats of UK cyber attacks indicate how dire the situation is even in developed nations:

  • 2.39 million cyber attacks were reported by British companies in 2023 alone, according to the UK government.
  • Only 18% of businesses provided adequate cybersecurity training to their staff in 2023.
  • A staggering 90% of managers lack basic understanding of security protocols like strong passwords and phishing email identification.

These statistics paint a clear picture: businesses are failing to prioritize cybersecurity training, leaving their employees vulnerable and their data at risk. The lesson is also quite clear given this!

Building a culture of cybersecurity:

Creating a culture of cybersecurity at Sri Lankan firms goes beyond one-time training sessions. It's about fostering an environment where security is everyone's responsibility. Here are some key takeaways on building a cyber secure culture:

  • Regular training: Regularly update employees on evolving cyber threats and best practices. Test out their learning at random points.
  • Open communication: Encourage open communication about security concerns and suspicious activity.
  • Clear protocols: Establish clear protocols for handling sensitive data and reporting security incidents.
  • Empowered employees: Empower employees to make security-conscious decisions and report suspicious activity without fear of reprisal.

Remember, cybersecurity is not just an IT issue, it's a business issue. By investing in employee training and building a culture of security, Sri Lankan firms can significantly reduce their risk of cyberattacks and protect their valuable data assets.Getting started on your cyber secure journey is easy. Cybersafe can provide cybersecurity awareness training for your board, middle management or staff to commence your cybersecure journey. Please contact us at Cybersafe by filling out the contact form.

Reference: How to improve cyber resilience across your workforce

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